Dear Visitor,

I am Lan Wang, the owner of Wesyoga.

5 years ago, I walked by a yoga studio opened near my house. I was curious and just in a few months I fall in love with yoga. I was an IT person at that moment. Well I was a good IT consultant, but I just decided to change - to do something related to Yoga. 

I almost forgot how hard it was at the beginning. But very lucky, Yoga in China is just a beginning but developed fast. And with the developing, I finally have my own retail bricks as well as my online store, and I cooperate with many yoga studios and teachers. 

I started to visit the united states and visit the brands I cooperate with from 2015. I stopped in 2016 and I had my second baby in March. I am looking forward to visiting more brands in 2017 in US and Europe.

In the future my business partners and I will focus on finding more and more yoga fasion brands and bring them to China to share with all the yogis who love yoga just like us.


(Photo is the visit to EagleRock Werkshop in California USA)